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"Starting a new sport and joining a new club in a new Country in the middle of a pandemic could have been a very different experience for Tilly if it wasn't for the warm welcome and encouragement from her coaches and fellow athletes at Elite.  Tilly has progressed so much and it's because of the dedication and support of the Elite team.  From the day camp coaches to team coaches to private coaches to the the athletes, we feel like part of a family.  The whole experience has given Tilly the desire and determination to learn and progress.  Tilly's main coach Mandy goes above and beyond for the athletes on her teams and her tumbling coach, Evan, shows her what she can achieve with hard work and determination." Cheer Mom Leah


"Our experience at HCE has been nothing short of a perfect experience after leaving our old club and deciding that HCE was our new home . We have been made to fell like one of the HCE family.  My daughter Ava gets truly upset when weather or anything else gets in the way of her training with her teammates. The club provides team bonding exercises and has always provided her with a positive experience.  It has implemented discipline, routine and respect for her fellow members and coaches. I highly recommend the club and the coaching staff.  We love truly love all the diversity the HCE family provides."  Cheer Dad Dru.

"My two daughters recently joined Halifax Cheer Elite and being newer to the sport I wasn’t sure what to expect. This club has impressed me from the beginning with it’s “family” feel and focus on athletic growth and development. The girls love this club and their coaches. Elite is family <3" Cheer Mom Jill M.
“10 years ago, my oldest daughter Rachel decided she wanted to be a cheerleader. I knew nothing about the sport and naively signed her up, figuring it would be a phase. What I hadn’t planned for was that we would fall in love with the sport, acquire amazing friends and that I would watch my daughter develop into an incredibly confident leader. My youngest daughter Avery watched her big sister closely and joined cheer shortly after.  Avery has spent almost her entire life cheering now. The coaches at HCE are the best, with little turn over and decades of coaching experiences combined, they have truly had a hand in raising her. Avery has traveled throughout Canada and Internationally and now my strong, dedicated, hardworking 12-year-old will be representing Canada on the worlds stage in 2021. Competing on Junior Team Canada Co-ed. Halifax Cheer Elite provides fun, teamwork, along with intense training and the best tumbling coaching around. The older athlete’s mentor and encourage the younger and it’s like one big family. Choosing Halifax Cheer Elite 10 years ago was the best decision I made when entering the Cheer World and I have no regrets. I think the success they have had, and the wonderful character of my children is a direct result of this program”. Cheer Mom Sarah
"When my daughter Grace was 6 years old, she suddenly started saying “I want to be a cheerleader!” This came out of the blue to a family who was never involved in anything remotely related to cheer (or organized sports, which I assumed cheer was for at that time)! Boy, did I have a lot to learn! I heard about a Cheer Expo, so we headed over... and saw a world we never knew about... ALL STAR CHEER!! Of all the gorgeous girls with bright uniforms, glitzy makeup, big hair and BOWS on the top of their heads, Grace really liked the cute little girls in blue, black, and white! The ladies at a table were friendly and welcoming... got some info on tryouts coming up...Grace couldn’t wait!! That was our introduction to Halifax Cheer Elite! 11 years ago. Grace started as the “crouch down queen” her first year on the youngest team at that time and worked her way up to being a flyer on the highest level team, Blue Crew! Her brother, Kieran, joined a year after Grace... attracted to the tumbling! They both eventually left their other sports, competitive gymnastics and soccer, in favour of cheer because they love it so much. Kieran became a coach. They have travelled to Florida and Niagara Falls several times for big competitions. They have learned what teamwork really means... more so than in any other sport. They listen to and respect their coaches in a way they never will me... I’m just mom! They may be disappointed if they don’t get a position or team they hoped for, but they’ve learned the coaches do what’s best for the TEAM. The team as a whole is more important than any individual. Yet they know their coaches at HCE care about each of them like family. My kids learned to work through pain and sickness. How to be a great sport. How to work hard to earn that next skill or that spot on a coveted team. How to accept when you don’t get it easily or that year and work harder for next time. How to lose or win with grace. The coaches grew up with our kids as well, and are such great examples. They work with parents, helping my kids and others through those tough adolescent times and through the other side! Their support is invaluable. Kieran and Grace have made friends to last a lifetime. I have a network of cheer moms & dads I can count on as friends. Friends from all walks of life, many of whom they would likely never have met in their small French school community. I’m proud of how diverse the HCE family is, actively encouraging and supporting LGBTQ and POC. My little ones are now grown up...Kieran in university and Grace in Highschool. 11 years after we started this journey, HCE and our cheer family remain a huge part of our lives with no end in sight!"  Cheer Mom Tracy Price Feb 2021
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